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---New Item For PCB Board

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---Bonding silicone to silicone strongly

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Silicone sealant using method


Date: 2014-01-02

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Silicone Rubber Vulcanizing Agent

Silicone Catalyst,

Curing Agent For HTV Silicone Rubber,LSR 


Silicone Inks

Silicone Screen Printing Ink

Silicone Pad Printing Ink

Silicone Silkscreen Printing Ink,Silicone Rubber Spraying Ink 


Silicone Rubber Mold Release Agent 

Silicone Rubber Mold releasing Material 

Mold compressing

Silicone glue for PVC
ABS glue Metal glue,
Adhesive for paper,glass,wood

 Heat Curing Adhesives

Kitchenware Adhesive,Glue curing at high temp Food grade bonding silicone

Cookware encapsulation etc


Adhesives for PET Film

Touch panel protective films

Pressure-sensitive optical

Removable lamination glue


Silicone Rubber Conductive Coating

Electric conduction coating

Silicone rubber conductive inks,Carbon conductive agent

Platinum Catalyst 
For molding and extrusion 




Primer Activator Modifier

Double-sides adhesive primer

Activator surfactant modifier for plastic metal silicone


RTV Silicone Adhesive

Silicon adhesives & sealants

For food and medical grade

For most applications


  Silicone Bra Adhesive

  Liquid silicon adhesives

  Healthy skin touch glue

  Removable reusable bra

Silicone Color master batch
Silicone coloring matter,dyestuff



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